International Humor Festival Of Rio de Janeiro

Monday, December 14, 2009

The second edition of the International Humor Festival of Rio de Janeiro will focus on graphic humor and contemporary theater through exciting drawings and sketches contests as well as theatrical performances. At the Centro Cultural Correios there will be four exhibitions and shows performed by the local famous Paulo and Chico Caruso brothers on 4-6 December. Because 2009 is the French Year in Brazil, it will be the core of such celebrations. France is also important as it had and still has a major influence on the Brazilian culture, especially in graphic arts.

“França – Brasil 200 Anos do Desenho Francês” (France-Brazil 200 Years of French Drawings)
“Fortuna, o Cartunista dos Cartunistas” (Fortuna, the Cartoonist of Cartoonists)
“Prêmio Desenho de Imprensa” (Press Drawings Award)
“World Press Cartoon”