A piece of the big cake called Rio

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and the state capital of Rio de Janeiro. The city is worldwide known for its exquisite beaches, football, music, carnival, nightlife and the well-preserved tropical forests. The city was the capital of Brazil for almost two centuries starting from the 1800s until 1960 when Brasilia became the capital after Brazil achieved independency. Rio is not an important tourist location only because of the beaches or the musical diversity but it also attracts tourists from all corners of the world because of the great flora and fauna. More than that, two of the largest forests can be admired here, surrounded by the very popular beaches and mountains, forming breathtaking landscapes.

If you are a football fan then Rio is the place to be, as most of you know that football/soccer is the national sport in Brazil and wherever/whenever, there is an open free space, you will see kids and youngsters playing. The nightlife plays an important role in Rio’s popularity thanks to dozens of clubs and bars filled with people that are having a blast dancing, talking and having a drink along with friends and family. We mentioned the lovely beaches before, you should know that two of the most beautiful beaches on the face of the Earth are here; we are speaking of the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

Art and culture exhibitions are present in the city with many museums and galleries available for the large audience. Here you will know more about the history of Rio, the most important events that played a crucial role in the development of this great city.

We could not have offered a brief presentation of Rio de Janeiro without mentioning the world’s largest annual event – the Carnival. Music, shows, beautiful women, great atmosphere are all present at this huge celebration. The Carnival however is not the only attraction in Rio as every week there are Samba parties, random music jams, festivals, parties and many more.

The population of Rio de Janeiro is about 6 million for the Municipality and 14,387,000 for the Metro area with a density of 12.382, 7/sq. miles. As far as the climate is concerned, Rio has a tropical savanna climate and it is often characterized by long periods of rain from December until March. Sometimes, the temperatures can reach 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit) in inland areas of the city. In the main tourists locations (where the beaches are located), the temperature is perfect, moderated by the cool sea breezes coming from the ocean.

Finally yet importantly, recently Rio de Janeiro won the competition of being the 2016 Olympic Games host, beating important cities like Tokyo, Madrid or Chicago.

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